Five Ways to Rethink, Reuse and Relove Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets can be much more than what they appear to be if you would only give them a chance. With a little bit of imagination and a lot of TLC – wooden pallets can become an artistic piece of art in your home. We have gathered for you some great ideas to upgrade and give a personal touch to your space.

Coffee Table

Coffee tables must be practical. They can’t be too big, can’t be too high, and must be safe for the little ones that hover around them. Take your wooden pallet, add some wheels, a glass top, and you’re done!  A unique table that won’t be found in any other living room or catalog.


Shoe Storage

Name one household that does not have a pile of shoes at the entrance. We only wear one pair of shoes at a time; however, it seems that we have an entire collection of them on display at the entrance of our home. With this shoe storage pallet, not only will you organize your home, but you will also set the rules. No shoes thrown in the hallway!

Pot Rack

The past decade has brought us all back into the kitchen with fascinating cookbooks, captivating TV cookery shows, and a variety of food in the supermarkets collected from all over the world. To give your kitchen a rustic and vintage look and feel, hand a wooden pallet onto the sealing and display your pots and pans. It looks good, is practical, and gives your kitchen a professional touch.

Herb Garden

As we are decoration our kitchens with pot racks, why not create a “Herb Heaven” with a beautiful stand for all your favorite herbs. Cooking and preparing beverages with freshly picked herbs will upgrade the flavors and assure you put them into your pure health. The smell of your fresh Basil and Rosemary will leave a long-lasting trail, and the green colors will surely uplift your spirit.

Wood Pallet Signs

Everyone has been hanging signs in their homes to express what they want, how they feel, and how it should be done. Why not make your own sign with your own wishes, on your own piece of wood. It can be “playroom rules,” or simple words for good vibes, does and don’ts, or anything creative that comes to mind. It’s your home, your creation, and your saying!


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