weight loss

Foods That Could Help Boost Your Weight Loss Efforts

1 / 5 Grapefruit

Citrus fruits not only taste great, but are also low in calories. Grapefruit, in particular, is said to be beneficial for weight loss.

2 / 5 Coffee and tea

Coffee and tea are often mentioned as foods that can help you burn calories, but at the same time, they take a toll on the liver. Drink three extra cups of water for every cup of coffee and tea you have in order to help your liver flush out the caffeine and help you stay hydrated.

3 / 5 Brussel sprouts

The B vitamins in foods like brussel sprouts can help to rev up your metabolism.


4 / 5 Blueberries

Fruits like blueberries help to boost your metabolic rate and as a result, aid in your weight loss efforts.

5 / 5 Cucumber

This veggie fits nicely into your metabolism-boosting strategy. It’s packed with water, so it helps to hydrate the body. It also has plenty of vitamins, nutrients and fibre, which helps keep you full for longer.

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