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11 Simple Ways To Increase Your Daily Calorie Burn

1 / 11 Work out in bed

Kickstart your metabolism by doing crunches in bed. Squat while waiting for your water to heat up and do a wall sit while scrolling through your Instagram feed. These little moves here and there gear you up for the day ahead and will give you a svelte, toned figure if done daily.

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2 / 11 Cold weather

Shuddering in your cold office environment is actually burning more calories than you think! According to a study by the journal, Diabetes, cold weather increases the brown fat in your body to 40%. This brown fat is what burns calories to keep you warm in the chilly environment.

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3 / 11 Do squats

Every time you visit the bathroom for a toilet break, do 10 squats. It might seem like a small number but if you multiply it by the times you visit the washroom, you’ll be doing more than 50 squats per day.

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4 / 11 Spice and caffeine are your friends

The capsaicin in spicy foods increases the temperature in your body, raising the total number of calories burnt digesting it. Get a cup of Joe after lunch as the caffeine in it stimulates your metabolism for extra calorie burn! This has to be the most delicious way to lose weight. Click here for a list of foods that help you burn more calories.

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5 / 11 Stand up

Don’t stay seated the entire day. It not only decreases the number of calories burnt but increases your risk of death too. Yikes. Remind yourself to be up on your feet whenever you can. Leave your desk for lunch and when do spend a few minutes standing up as you type away on your computer. Also, avoid rushing for seats on public transport. Staying on your feet benefits you!

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6 / 11 Perfect your posture

Sitting and standing upright engages your muscles, hence allowing your body to burn extra calories while you’re at it. In fact, actress Salma Hayek claims that she maintains her figure not by exercising but simply by keeping upright the entire day!

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7 / 11 Tap your feet

Move your feet, tap them or lift them by engaging your core. This foot fidgeting will add a little more to your daily calorie burn bank. You don’t have to worry about weird stares, no one will know!

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8 / 11 Take the stairs

Make the world your gym by taking the stairs whenever you get the chance to. If you take the train, zip to the nearest staircase instead of queuing for the escalator especially during peak hours.

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9 / 11 Purchase a small water bottle

Bring a smaller water bottle to work so the act of refilling it will force you to take a few steps every now and then. Breaking the cycle of sitting down is very important as it keeps your metabolism revving.

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10 / 11 Check your step tracker

If your mobile phone isn’t pre-installed with a pedometer, download an application that counts your steps. Check it every regularly to spur you to reach the daily target of 10, 000 steps. Getting this number down every day ensures a regular activity level that will burn more calories throughout the day. Walk around while waiting for your friend, get off one stop earlier and walk home- it’s really simple!

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11 / 11 Work it while watching shows

You’re finally home after a long day of work- that doesn’t mean the calorie burning should end! You can still sneak out a few calories by exercising while watching your television shows. Roll over to your side for single leg lifts or do as many as crunches as you can during commercial breaks. You’ll feel much more fulfilled before hitting the sack.

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