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10 Reasons Why You Are Constantly Hungry

1 / 10 You are loading up on refined carbohydrates

These foods raise the blood glucose very quickly. They are digested sooner, which causes insulin to respond to the glucose high, resulting in the lowering of blood sugar and earlier onset of hunger.

2 / 10 You are missing out on the essentials

Protein, fat and fibre help to keep you full. They take longer to digest and therefore, you won’t feel hungry in an hour. You should strive to get these elements in every meal.

3 / 10 You’re not eating enough

If you’re eating meals with protein, fat and fibre and you still feel hungry often, this could be a sign that you’re simply not eating enough at mealtimes. Try bulking up your meals with more of these healthy essentials.

4 / 10 You are just really thirsty

Reach for the water bottle before you give in to premature hunger. A lot of what we perceive as hunger is actually thirst so if you just chugged down a glass of water and still feel hungry then it’s a sign that you should eat something.

5 / 10 You have a fast metabolism

You know those people who seem to eat whatever they want without putting on weight? They simply have a faster metabolism. If your metabolism is especially fast, you may need to eat more often.

6 / 10 You are not getting enough sleep

Skimping on sleep? This could be a major contributor to hungry and cravings during the day. If you’re sleep-deprived, it causes a hormonal imbalance, which tends to lead to overeating.

7 / 10 You are exercising a lot

While a power work isn’t an excuse to wolf down a burger every day, your activity levels do play a role in how hungry you feel. So if you’ve starting exercising more than usual, you may need to eat more.

8 / 10 Your medication is making you hungry

Some medications can increase your appetite. So if you suspect you’re on something that’s making you hungrier, ask your doctor for advice or read the side effects on the label.

9 / 10 You are about to get your period

When your basal body temperature goes up, which it does right before you get your period, you might be hungry all the time but this effect shouldn’t last for more than a day or two beforehand.

10 / 10 You could be giving in to peer pressure

Making healthy choices is more difficult when you’re with a large group. When friends and family are indulging, it isn’t always easy to say no.


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