Etiquette 101 When Living With Roommates 

When living with roommates in a shared space, there’s always the chance you’ll encounter challenges along the way. It’s an inevitable cycle that exists when living in a small apartment. When everyone feels heard and accepted, this environment breeds trust and openness. Here are a few simple things to keep in mind when living in the same space with another individual or if you have more than one roommate.
One of the great things you can do together is to set up a method that works out for everyone to manage shared expenses. Downloading shared money management where everyone can keep track of the expenses will prevent one person from spending more than the other. It’s a great way to see who owes you without having to confront your roommates about the new toilet paper bulk you just bought or the laundry detergent for the washing machine.


Be respectful of the noise coming from your room. Since you live in a shared space, it’s important to make sure that everyone feels comfortable. If one roommate is blasting music loudly and the other is more of a quiet kind of person, this will certainly harbor negative energy around your living space. Make sure that people are comfortable with the sound levels in the house by casually asking them if your music is too loud sometimes or if you leave the TV on too loud.


Make sure to always wash your own dishes and sometimes even your roommates. It’s great to walk into a clean kitchen where the clean dishes are stocked in a corner, utensils are neatly lined in the drawers and the countertops are clean and ready to be used. Always wipe down the sink after washing the dishes and even consider wiping down the surrounding areas with an absorbent cloth and soap.



Keeping trash bags around the house is super important especially in the kitchen and bathroom. You never know when an accident may happen and having a few extra trash bags around the house is always handy. When the trash can starts to get full, don’t wait on your roommates to throw out the trash but instead, make sure to tie it up and bring it downstairs to the trash can so it doesn’t leave the home smelling bad.


When inviting other guests over to your home, make sure they aren’t a lot of people. One or two friends at a time is acceptable but if you’re living with roommates who always have people over, then it’s good to share the space together and make it a fun and comfortable home for all. Cook together, share a drink with your roommates and friends or even organise a small dinner to bond with your roommates more and to meet the people that they interact with on a weekly or monthly basis. It’s a good way to build trust and connections while feeling free in your own home.